Super-Sessions 2020



"Flajflaj, Super-charged"

(Late edit: If you are considering joining Super-Sessions on short notice, please get in touch with me on We have made a few changes to the information posted bellow, all for the better!!

Also, if you don't require car/accommodation, I can now accommodate you better and if you cannot join all the days, we may still be able to figure something out, just let me know what you want :o)

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Six days of intense freefly education, highly suitable for all experience levels. Whether you have just received your A-license, or have done thousands of jumps, Flajflaj Super-Sessions is an event for you


Five days are spent skydiving and one day is spent away from the DZ, enjoying theory classes and a few other activities in a very nice location. We only bring 2,5 students per coach, just slightly more than at Master-Class. This event is all-inclusive and the working environment is highly optimised. Every jump is carefully planned, briefed and debriefed to best support you in your learning process and we also put large focus on transferring theoretical knowledge throughout the week




Flajflaj Super-Sessions includes


  • 6 days of intimate access to carefully selected coaches in a highly optimised learning environment 


  • 30 jumps, 18 of them with your own coach! (additional jumps @ 25 USD) (We likely have the capacity to do more coach jumps, in which case there will only be a 25 USD charge for the coaches’ slot. This capacity is not yet being promised and will be determined later on, but I am working on it)

  • Our own airplane


  • Up to 7 days of accommodation


  • Rental car slot for the duration of the event


  • Three healthy meals per day, plus snacks, coffee and more


  • Ground staff, including our chef, professional video editor, dedicated manifest and more


  • A nice surprise on the day spent away from the DZ


We live together, get fed good healthy food, enjoy daily get-togethers including theory classes, open-forum talks, yoga/meditation sessions and more. We run our own airplane and the entire event is pre-manifested, so we all know exactly what to expect from each day and we make sure that we finish early enough for ground activities and rest

The event runs Monday through Saturday, with the Thursday spent away from the DZ, letting us step back, evaluate, rest, focus on theoretical learning and set our goals for the remaining days

Every day, you will do "one on one" jumps with your coach and a few training jumps on your own. Doing focused exercises during solo-jumps as part of your training is crucial. We assist with the planning of these jumps, just like we do on every other jump (when it makes sense, and only then, we send two students with one coach. In this scenario, you get up to 7 jumps with your coach per day)


The price for Flajflaj Super-Sessions 2020 is 2688 USD

Show up with a student mindset, ready to learn and we will help you progress way past your expectations


The coach line-up may still grow,

but the following list is confirmed

 - Andy Malchiodi

 - Reed Ramage

 - Jesse “Tex” Leos

 - Alethia J Austin

 - Adrian Daszkowski

 - Peter Nilsson



With that said, the application process has begun and you find the form right HERE

Send us your application today and we will get back to you as soon as we can

Please contact me with any questions at


Let’s explore human flight, together