Sharon Har-Noy Pilcher

I’m excited about the direction skydiving education has been taking in recent years. With more and more in-depth programs that offer accelerated safe progression methods for all levels of flyers

Once again Flajflaj is leading the way in that aspect. The combination between Master-class and the Coaches Development Program is a unique learning opportunity for both students and coaches, which I am happy and proud to be a part of

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Sharon Har-Noy Pilcher

has done over 7000 jumps since she started skydiving in her home country of Israel back in 2000

She has spent her life flying, teaching and spreading joy on a global scale

She is a team-member of Joy Riders,

a long time world level competitor and a FAI judge for artistic indoor competitions

Notable Achievements

- Women’s Vertical World-record organizer

(65-way / 2017)

- Paraclete XP Championships Bronze medal


- Vertical World-record holder (163-way / 2015)

- Women’s Vertical World record holder

(63-way / 2013)


2010:1st Place, Israeli Nationals

         2nd Place, French Cup (guest team)

         10th Place, World-Championships, Menzelinsk, Russia  

         Women’s vertical world record, Eloy, AZ


2008: 13th Place, World Championship, France


2007: Israeli Nationals Gold medalist

          9th place, European Championship,Russia

          10th Place, World Cup, Russia


In 2009 Sharon was presented with the "Outstanding Athlete Award” by the federation of non-Olympic sports in Israel