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Skydive Elsinore,

our dedicated coaches,

all the passionate participants

and of course,

our lovely sponsors!

We proudly represent

these companies and we are happy to assist you in any way we can regarding their products and services

Much love to you all

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skydive elsinore

Did you know that Skydive Elsinore is the oldest active DZ in USA?

The DZ has been in operation since 1958 and we know why. We love working with the Elsinore crew and Flajflaj will always be a Skydive Elsinore event


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New Zealand Aerosports,

a fantastic team, dedicated to building the best canopies on the planet. These guys are family and we love flying their canopies.

Get to know them at www.nzaerosports.com 



If you were not skydiving before 2008, you may not be aware of just how much Boris Nebe changed the game when he created the first Indoor Skydiving Germany windtunnel in Bottrop. 

It´s a different sport now and so much better. Thank you for dreaming big Boris. Mad respect for having the guts to make your dream happen. We love you!



Larsen & Brusgaard

They have been helping us stay altitude aware since before most of us were born.

Their quality and their customer service is second to none and we have gotten so much support from them throughout the years.

If you are freeflying, you absolutely need two of their audibles in your helmet and a visual on your wrist.

No exceptions!



Domi looking happy in her Vector, photo by Roy Wimmer-Jaglom


The word Legend gets used a lot these days, but Legendary UPT founder Bill Booth deserves no other title. From 1972 until today, UPT remains at the forefront of gear development.


How would you feel about a Flajflaj with no 3-ring releases or hand deploy systems? Not good at all...

First class company, first class container systems, do not settle for less 




boogie man

Legendary suit manufacturer Boogie man have set the gold standard for freefly suits for a very long time

Flying indoors or outdoors, you will always be comfortable and look sharp in a custom Boogie man suit




Combine great ISG technology with a team that really understands how to run a great windtunnel operation, and you get Flyspot

In Poland, Flyspot operates two of these outstanding facilities, one in Warzaw and one in Katowice

Check out their fantastic package deals, including accommodation, food and even travel expenses!

Multiple Flajflaj coaches run their camps at Flyspot. Join them!




The Dekunu One is not just an altimeter


Stay aware, gather & analyse data, have fun and learn better with this innovative technology

Dekunu will be part of our future. Take some time to find out more at



Not really a sponsor, but here I am

the main organiser of Flajflaj

Get to know me at



peter nilsson