It is time to redefine skydiving education


Commit to higher learning

March 9th through 20th, a small group of participants will work intimately together with some of the world’s most experienced coaches, in a highly optimized learning environment. 


The two course weeks will include a massive amount of 1-on-1 training jumps with a team of world-class coaches, as well as workshops, theory sessions and more. The focus is "ultra-high-quality" holistic skydiving education.


The entire event will be pre-manifested in our own airplane, so we get a lot of jumps in, yet finish early enough for ground activities and important rest. We live together and get fed three healthy meals per day by our on-site chef. 


Master-class utilises a 2:1 student to coach ratio. Our team of 7 coaches will be working together with only 14 participants that all partake in a very personalised and immersive freefly boot-camp.


This is our most ambitious and by far our coolest event so far. Nothing like Master-class has ever been created.

Our entire team is beyond excited to be part of its creation and we hope you will be too!


More info will be shared soon, 

stay tuned & save the dates!



Master-Class 2020



Package, Price and information

The information for Master-Class is now posted below 

(A few details are still being figured out. There may be some slight changes, but in general, we have now finalised this event)

There is an application process and you are welcome to apply for your slot HERE


I get this question a lot

“Do I need more experience to participate?”

NO, you absolutely do not!

Please note that experience level does not affect your chance of participation

Master-Class is an all-inclusive event containing



  • 10 days of intimate access to some of the worlds best skydiving coaches and an organization that is optimized for learning in the most efficient way possible


  • 44 jumps, ALL of them with your own coach! (additional jumps @ 25 USD)


  • Our own airplane


  • Up to 15 days of accommodation


  • Rental car slot for the duration of the event


  • Three healthy meals per day, plus snacks, coffee and more


  • Ground staff, including our chef, professional video editor, dedicated manifest and more


  • Surprises




Our focus is on optimised learning


We live together, get fed good food, enjoy daily get-togethers including theory classes, open-forum talks, yoga/meditation sessions and more


We run our own airplane and the entire event is pre-manifested, so we all know exactly what to expect from each day and making sure that we finish early enough for ground activities and rest


We jump Mondays through Fridays, with the weekend off. Both Wednesdays are kept slightly shorter so we can get off the DZ and spend some time together in a different environment. Energy management is key as this is a very focused event. Show up with your notebook, ready to learn


Master-Class is kept small, with only 14 participants and 7 senior coaches, plus a few additional supporting coaches, ensuring briefings, one on one jumps and video debriefs on 100% of your jumps


The package is based on 5 one on one jumps per day. This is a good number when training intensely, but when you want to make more jumps, you are able and encouraged to do so. Doing solo jumps as part of your training is very beneficial. We will assist with the planning of these jumps, just like we do on every other jump


Don’t try to invent the wheel all over again. Get the best possible assistance and build a solid understanding about everything that today’s freefly-focused skydiving progression consists of. Together our coaches bring the experience of approximately 100.000 skydives and over a century in the sport. They have been selected because of their genuine passion for assisting you in your freefly journey in the very best way possible


We are of course aware that the price tag for Master-Class will exclude most of the community and I promise, we will do another standard Flajflaj event in the future. But, for the 14 fortunate participants able to attend, I sincerely believe this is the highest quality, most efficient event ever created. We will provide you an extraordinary experience and a huge level-up in your skydiving abilities



The price for the Flajflaj Master-Class of 2020 is 5400 USD



To give you a good perspective, here’s a comparison with the price of attending Flajflaj 2019



  • Flajflaj 2019 cost 3100 USD


  • That price was excluding accommodation and food


  • Master-Class is priced at 5400 USD, a 2300 USD difference


  • Deducting the costs for a shared hotel-room and food (a low estimate of 30 USD per day), we see the price difference sink to only 1700 USD


  • 50 jumps and 20 coach-jumps were included for Flajflaj 2019


  • Master-Class includes 24 additional coach jumps, for a total of 44 (well over 100% more than Flajflaj)


  • The experience level of our Master-Class coaches is much higher and so much more quality is added to this event




It’s a significant amount of money, but I absolutely believe that our Master-Class holds higher value per dollar than a traditional Flajflaj event



With that said, the application process has begun

Send us your application today and we will get back to you as soon as we can

Feel free to contact me with any questions at


Much Love