Luis Adolfo Lopez-Mendes

For Master-class, I’m very motivated to explore and develop human flight in a safe and structured way.


I like to connect with the students by showing them all about the different aspects of a skydiving, as well as exploring the mental and physical requirements for good flying. Safety is always the main concern.

Also to be honest, looking at the crew, I am going to learn so much from everyone that is not fair plus I love every single name in the coaches-list!

Luis A face 1.jpg

Luis Adolfo Lopez-Mendes

18.600 + jumps
700 + tunnel hours
Over 20 years of skydiving experience

HU World Record co-organizer
HU World Record Holder

European HU and HD Record Organizer

LO and Coach of Sky Flying or Instagram

(Luis will work with us during all of Master-Class)