Coaches Development Program

Level up the game

We are witnessing a new trend aiming to increase the competence among coaches in our sport

Flajflaj is 100% on-board with this 


We are creating the most comprehensive training program available for current and future Freefly-coaches and leaders in our sport


Commit to excellence

-  A three-week comprehensive coaches course


-  Workshops, lectures, shadow-coaching and       mentoring by our master-coaches


-  A small group of highly motivated peers, 

   developing and learning together

If you are dedicated to learning and serious about your role as a teacher,

the CDP may be for you

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Our Coaches Development Program (CDP below) is a three-week comprehensive training program geared towards experienced skydivers that are interested in deepening their understanding of the sport and their role as leaders and teachers. With a combined century of experience, we will transfer as much knowledge as we can and we aim to assist you in your journey to become a great skydiving coach, or just a very knowledgable skydiver

Week one

The small group of three to six participants will spend the week training together under the Modern Skydiving Concepts program, developed by Luis Prinetto and Sharon Har-Noy Pilcher. This week consists of a balanced mix of theory classes, workshops with role-played briefings, jumps and debriefs. On average there will be three jumps per day and probably another one for fun with the group at the end of the day

Week two

This week runs simultaneously with the second week of Master-Class. The CDP participants will now have a chance to shadow our senior coaches during their entire days. This is a chance to pick up tips, tricks and ideas, as well as starting a process of putting week one's lessons into practise. During the end of the week, the participants will start doing some one on one jumps with the MC participants, further connecting our new tool-kit into the live environment.


This week will be lead by Will Penny and most likely Peter Nilsson. We will be there to run a morning theory session, assist throughout the day and each evening we will get together to share ideas, ask questions and debrief the day together

Week two will be intense and includes 25 jumps and a lot of theory


Week three

Our CDP participants will coach at Flajflaj Super-Sessions, still with the full-time assistance of Will Penny

This is a week spent tying everything together and analysing how we implement the lessons from week one and two

During the six days at Super-Sessions we will do approximately 35 jumps

The Coaches Development Program is an unprecedented chance to learn from coaches that have seen it all. These coaches are good friends of mine, but after talking to them specifically about the CDP, I am very impressed by their deep understanding of what makes a great skydiving coach and leader. Three weeks is a big commitment and that is exactly what you need to stay ahead in the sport and become the best version of you as a teacher and coach

I'm very excited to see this ambitious initiative unfold


All the best






The CDP Price and Package

- 16 days of structured learning from our professional coaches

- 75 jumps

- Accommodation

- Slot in a rental car

- Three meals per day for the 16 active days at the CDP

- Access to all the specialty staff we bring to Master-Class

- Your participation and commitment to the sport will most           certainly be broadly noticed


The price for the all inclusive CDP is set to 3400 USD

The application form for the CDP is available HERE

After sending your application, we will schedule an onboarding call and figure out if this program is for you


I look forward to hearing from you and I am already proud of you for stepping up your level of commitment