The Flajflaj way


Flajflaj is a high quality freefly skills-camp that provides a fantastic learning environment, regardless of your experience level. This annual event takes place at Skydive Elsinore during the last two weeks of March

We firmly believe that working "one on one", or in small groups, with assistance of highly skilled coaches, is the best way to develop your freefly skillset and grow into a competent skydiver. Your two weeks at Flajflaj will let you progress in a comfortable and safety-minded environment


With less than three students per coach, everyone gets a lot of personal attention and assistance. 

Our experienced ground crew make sure that no one is left wondering whom to work with.

Just show up, ready to learn and we will assist you throughout your two-week freefly journey. 


Flajflaj runs Mondays through Fridays, with the weekend free to rest and perhaps do some

sight-seeing in beautiful California. It does not matter if you have done

thousands of jumps, or just received your A-license,

Flajflaj is a camp for you!


In March 2020 our regular edition of Flajflaj will take a break,

leaving space for our "Master-Class" & "Super-Sessions" events.